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National Wood Flooring Association of Australia

National Wood Flooring Association of Australia

The NWFAA's charter is to promote, support, cooperate with and further the development of the timber flooring industry at a state and national level. The NWFAA NSW chapter seeks to work with architects, designers, contractors, builders, developers, the public, the Department of Fair Trading and other Government agencies everyone involved to provide an accurate, unbiased and timely technical support and reporting function within the Specialised Wood Floor industry.

As Your Best Guarantee of Quality Workmanship and Satisfaction Only Trust Your Floors to An Accredited Member Of The
NWFAA of Australia.

The NWFAA is made of industry professionals working to improve the quality of workmanship and reputation of other professionals and those seeing to become true artisans of a fine trade."


Consumer Benefits

Why Use NWFAA Members

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* NWFAA members are bound by a ‘Code of Professional Conduct’.
* NWFAA members are scrutinised prior to their appointment to Membership of the Association. * NWFAA members have a dedication to the Professional Wood Floor Industry and an interest
in serving clients well.
* NWFAA members are dedicated to training skilled craftsmen for the future of the industry.
* NWFAA members are dedicated to improving business arrangements and recognition of NWFAA
projects as delivering a high quality service to the community.